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Rebecca Duckett

OD Performance Lead, Torus

After implementing Empactis across the business we have improved our absence management and policy compliance considerably.  Having one system allows for effective consistent case management of sickness absence.  Accountability and responsibility for absence is now clear and very visible within the system, which means proactive monitoring can take place. The ability to integrate Empactis with other business systems has insured further efficiencies and cost reductions across the business.  We are still at the beginning of our journey but absence is starting to decrease and a reporting culture where absence is proactively managed is starting to become embedded. Empactis, took the time to understand our needs and the platform fits well with our employee health, wellbeing and cultural objectives and strategies. I would highly recommend them.

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Arriva Trains Wales

Gareth J Thomas

HR Director, Arriva Train Wales

"One of our core values is ‘we care for people's safety and wellbeing’ and what I find fantastic about Empactis is that they don’t just drive the tools to help deliver these values they truly believe in them. Within the first six months of using the Empactis workforce health platform, we saw a reduction in our working days lost. They are a great company to work with, they understood our company’s individual needs and I highly recommend them".

Read the full Arriva Trains Wales Case Study here



Head of HR for Supply Chain UK, PLADIS

"The business understands that significant change causes the workforce to feel uncertain and this can have a huge impact on our absence levels.  It  is clear to us that Absence Manager has given us the tools to control absence during this time of major change when employee motivation and engagement is obviously impacted".

“We are happy with the Absence manager system and we continue to work with the team at Empactis absence Manager to implement improvements. These improvements come as suggestions from both parties, it is a real partnership”.

“What we do now have, is a consistent and accurate absence data report that we can use to focus on hotspot areas and really drill down into the reasons that absence is high in some areas rather than others”.

“Our absence data is easily accessible for the HR teams, the Managers, the Trade Union Representatives supporting their members and for the employees themselves”.

“We have also been able to facilitate the return to work of 98 LT absentees, and no longer “lose people in the system”.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


Assistant Director of Workforce and Wellbeing

"By having the Empactis Absence Manager system it has allowed us to start to focus on the ‘real’ issues, like patient care & our operational costs. Having real time absence data at our finger tips, has benefited us immensely and allows us to be more proactive in our absence management approaches . Our managers can now manage more effectively and employees feel more supported and engaged in the workplace".

"The system has been very well received from everyone and compliance with our revised policy is very high. There has  been a real ‘partnership’ working with Empactis and we will continue to explore ways in which we can further improve  the management of Employee Health and Wellbeing across the Organisation and to the benefit of the NHS".

“Visibility and ease of access to information.  Provides a measure of performance by managers and identify skill gaps and development for managers.  Improves compliance with policy.”

Julie Hughes

“Loved the text alert and the voice message.”

Susie Kilday
Elective Access Manager

“I have only had to use the system a couple of times. So far I think it is an excellent system if reduces a significant amount of time for managers as it is paperless, it is user friendly and so far easy for my staff to use.” 

Nichola Bennett
Continence Clinical Lead

“Easy to use, like the way it works out previous absences for you.” 

Alison Goldfinch
Manager for Patient Choice

“Initially I was not sure how useful the absence manager would be but it has proved invaluable to me. I know very early in the day when anyone is going to be off and have an expected date of return. This allows us to manage the workload more effectively and promptly. Also, when staff return to work, completing the online return to work form is a good prompt to do this in a timely fashion, and is logged. I can also see how many absences anyone has had and this enables me to look at what support may need to be put in place sooner.” 

Kathryn Lewis
Head of Audiology


Josephine Carroll

Service Director for Learning & Disability Services, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Josephine Carroll, Service Director for Learning & Disability Services, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust explains why her organisation choose to work with Absence Manager and why she would recommend them to others.

Norbert Dentressangle

Norbert Dentressangle

"As a large employer with a number of varying shift patterns we often found the communication and tracking of employee absence very problematic. The system offered us a means to ensure communication to the relevant individuals was instant and all absence could be tracked with `real time´ reports available to our HR and Operational Management Teams."


Empactis, a leading provider of employee health, absence and engagement solutions, has been awarded a contract by Serco, the FTSE 250 international service company, to deploy solutions to manage employee absence and well-being.

Serco HR Director David Fox commented “The Empactis platform will enable us to enhance the management of sickness, unplanned absence and associated health issues. Capturing employee absence at the point of occurrence provides real-time information to managers that will enable them to better engage with, and support, our employees. The data and workflow guidance the platform generates will enable managers to concentrate on their team’s performance and focus on positive interventions from a health and engagement perspective.  This will allow Serco to further develop its commitment to employee well-being through focused health and wellness initiatives.”

a.f. blakemore

Rob Clement

HR Manager, AF Blakemore & Son Ltd

"Absence Manager gives us very detailed visibility of our absence data in real-time which enables us to focus on and challenge problem areas as they happen. At a glance we can see who is off and, more importantly, what the Line Manager is doing about it".

"As an Operational HR Manager the real benefit for me is having the opportunity to delve deeper into individual cases in order to have more meaningful interactions with staff. The service helps to create the challenging conversation not just with employees, but with the managers who are accountable for their team’s absence".

"At the touch of a button I can drill right down to see the current situation within problem areas of the business which also means I can give greater control over absence to Senior Management colleagues. Rather than just providing them with top line data I can very quickly find the information to make a contribution to the successful outcome of cases. This has proved very effective in getting a handle on absence".

"We would very much recommend Absence Manager as we feel it is a great value tool, the cost of which is a drop in the ocean compared to the value it offers AF Blakemore".


Stuart Fairbairn

Senior Human Resources Consultant Stobart Business Services

1. Why did you decide to use Absence Manager?

"As a large employer with a number of varying shift patterns we often found the communication and tracking of employee absence very problematic. The system offered us a means to ensure communication to the relevant individuals was instant and all absence could be tracked with `real time´ reports available to our HR and Operational Management Teams".

2. How has it helped you get more engagement from your managers in managing absence?

"The reporting process has allowed tracking and KPI management to be introduced in this area. Future developments which we will implement shortly, will allow further engagement".

3. What do you think was the most important factor in the success of the project roll out? 

"Clear communication to all staff, plus the close relationship between the team at Absence Manager and ESL".

4. How do you find Absence Manager to work with, would you recommend them to other organisations?

"It is an easy to use system with the Web Portal facility making access to all end users very easy to obtain. It is a system I would recommend to other organisations".


David Prosser

Strategic Development Manager

"Over recent years we have come to realise two important things from our discussion with employers interested in adopting a better integrated approach to management of employee absence. First, employers’ absence recording needs vary significantly (with many seeking to record absence via core payroll and HR systems rather than outsourcing this capability) and, second, a significant degree of tailoring is required where employers wish to outsource absence data-capture and recording."
"To better advise our clients on effective absence recording and reporting, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of service providers active in the UK market, focusing in particular on

  • Ability to tailor the service to match the employer's absence management policies, processes and organisational culture
  • Provision to all levels of management of meaningful and actionable absence intelligence that not only fully meets employers´ reporting needs but more effectively inform decisions on health strategy and spend, and, most fundamentally,
  • Not only accurately to record absence but also to provide support to line managers in fulfilling their critical role in taking the lead on management of employee absence."

"Having completed our review, it became clear that Absence Manager provided the broad range of functionality and service flexibility to meet our clients´ needs. We have therefore agreed to partner with Absence Manager as our preferred provider for provision of absence recording and reporting services and, since doing so at the end of 2011, a number of our corporate clients have successfully adopted its service to good effect."

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