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“As a large employer with a number of varying shift patterns we often found the communication and tracking of employee absence very problematic.” Stuart Fairbairn - Stobart Business Services


The key focus for Logistic organisations is to get things from A to B on time, every time, at the lowest cost possible. If they don’t achieve this, due to late deliveries, or poor customer service,  they risk  heavy fines and risk the possibility of losing business from key buyers or the chance to win new contracts.​

Employee Health and in particular absence can have a dramatic impact on a Logistic company’s performance. For example, if an absence does not get recorded properly or does not reach the correct person on time, then a lorry could sit with no driver, whilst the buyer is waiting for a late delivery and no-one would be the wiser. Even if the lorry does leave on time, it may have a costly temporary agency driver and would have involved a lot of management time to resolve the crisis.

Empactis now works with several Logistic companies including Eddie Stobart, CEVA and Norbet Dentressangle, to ensure that all their absences are recorded instantly and  the business is notified in real time.  All absences are also recorded in a fair and consistent manner.

By using the Absence Manager tool it now means all their processes are streamlined,  without delays and the right people are notified at the right time about every absence, thus minimising operational disruption.

In addition, the available data analysis is used to reduce absence case volumes and to consistently engage employee health support, as well as to apply the attendance policy.


In a sector where Absence is generally higher than average due to the nature of the work, shift patterns and difficulties with staff engagement, our clients have realised that it is essential to use a tool that allows much closer control over what the managers are doing and encourages managers to be more engaged with their staff.

Other benefits Absence Manager offers;

  • Real time data analysis
  • Simply and consistently demonstrates manager and employee compliance with policy
  • The ability to implement preventative strategic plans
  • Removal of the administration, complexity and ambiguity from the absence process
  • Complete visibility, control and documentation management of the Attendance Policy
Logistics Testimonial

Stuart Fairbairn

Senior Human Resources Consultant

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“As a large employer with a number of varying shift patterns we often found the communication and tracking of employee absence very problematic”.

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