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"For Retail real time data is vital, allowing managers to plan efficiently and to reduce operational disruption." Neil Smith - United Biscuits


When employees are consistently absent this has a serious and immediate impact on production.

Pladis found themselves in this position. Absence rates were too high and they did not have the policies or tools to address the issue. Their policies and procedures were overcomplicated and not well understood. They were unable to effectively measure or report on absence and unable to provide managers and employees with a simple and effective way to deal with absence. Their Employee Health and Wellbeing teams were over-stretched and struggling to address problems in a timely manner.

These issues were a costly drain on the profitability of the business through days lost to unplanned absence and sick pay. Often employees were found to “drift” into long term sickness absence.

The Solution

Pladis went to market looking for a solution to help them manage absence. It was imperative to them that the line manager still held the accountability to manage their employee’s absence. Empactis Absence Manager provided them with this, as well as the other features they were looking for;

  • Accurate real-time absence reporting.
  • Data pushed to managers, so they don’t have to go looking for it.
  • Absence related tasks easily identifiable by managers.
  • Cost effective system with ROI in a year.
  • Reports that enable and support preventative strategies when considering employee health and health trends.
  • Provides managers with a real-time picture of absence.

Benefits and Results:

Pladis now have real time data at their fingertips which has delivered many benefits and allowed Pladis to work with the absence data in many ways;

  • The business case was approved on a 0.7 years payback, in fact the project paid back in 0.5 years.
  • Enabled a focus from the Senior Directors in the organisation, a clear set of standard real time absence data, a clear process of managing absence.
  • HR and Senior Execs now have, a consistent and accurate absence report that can focus on hotspot areas and really drill down into the reasons that absence is high.

Benefits and Results:

  • Absence Governance Team formed, consisting of Senior Managers in the organisation, whose focus is to identify and tackle business trends in absence, by using Absence Manager.
  • A National absence working group, consisting of Managers and Trade Union Representatives focussing on joint solutions to support the reduction of Short Term absence by using Absence Manager data available to the group.
  • Localised Absence Forums tackling preventative measures for hot spot areas, working in conjunction with the Employee Health and Wellbeing Teams. All of these teams use the real time absence data from Absence Manager to gain insight into the issues to support the reduction of overall absence.
Manufacturing testimonial

Neil Smith

Head of HR for Supply Chain UK

United Biscuits

“The business understands that significant change causes the workforce to feel uncertain and this can have a huge impact on our absence levels”.

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