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"Empactis and UHSM are leading the way in how a trust can take control of employee health, absence and engagement." Marisa PickerillUHSM


Empactis works with a number of  NHS trusts and is currently working with University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM) on a project which will help to revolutionise employee health within the NHS and enable Trusts to successfully deliver one of Sir Simon Stephens  key priorities by helping to  improve the health of the NHS workforce.

Working with key industry figures like Dr Steven Boorman, author of the Boorman Review and David Frost, co-author of the Sickness Absence Review,  Empactis and UHSM are leading the way in how a trust can take control of employee health, unplanned absence and engagement.   

In order to deliver on these goals, it is key that HR, Managers, Occupational Health and Managers can all easily collaborate across the work streams of absence, health and engagement.

Key NHS Features:

The NHS requires certain features to complement their current data capture systems, working patterns and unique working environments.  We work with our NHS partners to configure our tools and processes to ensure a best fit for their specific needs. 

Benefits Empactis delivered to UHSM

  • A consistent, streamlined data capture process
  • On demand, real-time reporting via absence manager and data into ESR
  • Complete visibility of ALL unplanned absence
  • More efficient, standardised and streamlined administration
  • Real time audit and measurement tools
  • A comprehensive management tool to identify areas for targeted line manager training and to drive a positive culture
  • Improved manager and employee engagement around absence and health
  • System capability for real-time public disclosure of attendance/staffing levels to meet the transparency agenda

Other insights gained within the NHS:

By working together with the NHS,  Empactis have helped to improve cross functional collaboration and to resolve some of the key challenges often faced by the NHS, such as:

  • Often a 'Relaxed' culture towards unplanned absence, with numerous reasons not counted as absence – for example, carers leave
  • Inconsistent approaches for the recording of unplanned absence, often with data missed or lost
  • Senior managers had limited or no access to real-time data
  • Significant costs and inefficiencies arising from management (paper) administration processes
  • Lack of line manager engagement, skills and training to enable proactive attendance management
  • Inability to measure the effectiveness of best practice interventions
  • Lack of transparency, due to systems limitations around the possible impact of absences and patient care

The benefits of taking control

By taking control of their employee health and absence, UHSM are now able to focus on real issues and use their HR & EHW teams to focus on strategic objectives which add value to the trust.

Taking control has allowed UHSM to:

  • Focus on the ‘real’ issues:
    • Patient Care
    • Operational Costs
  • change the culture around unplanned absence
  • Starting to reduce overpayments, overtime, bank, agency and locum costs
  • Improve data capture and management reporting
  • Ensure managers can be effective in making time specific decisions
  • Reduce the burden of low value added administration tasks both at line manager level and central HR
  • Maximise the impact of proactive best practice health interventions
  • Significant contribution to achieving organisational efficiencies and effectiveness
Marisa Pickerill
Marisa Pickerill
Head of Employee Health & Wellbeing

“By having the Empactis Absence Manager system it has allowed us to start to focus on the ‘real’ issues, like patient care & our operational costs. Having real time absence data at our finger tips has benefited us immensely and allows us to be more proactive in our absence management approaches. Our managers can now manage more effectively and employees feel more supported and engaged in the workplace.”

“The system has been very well received from everyone and compliance with our revised policy is very high. There has  been a real ‘partnership’ working with Empactis and we will continue to explore ways in which we can further improve  the management of Employee Health and Wellbeing across the Organisation and to the benefit of the NHS.”

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