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They are a great company to work with, they understood our company’s individual needs and I highly recommend them Gareth J Thomas - Arriva Train Wales


Rail operators like Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) are experiencing unprecedented workforce pressures. Obesity and diabetes are at epidemic levels and one in four people are suffering a mental health illness in any one year. Unsurprisingly, these health challenges, coupled with an ageing workforce are causing rates of short and long-term absenteeism to rise.

Human Resources Director, Gareth Thomas, arrived at Arriva Trains Wales in 2014. He recognised these pressures and agreed with Board colleagues to make employee health a key priority. The HR team wanted to invest in a system that replaced manual processes, supported managers and delivered the health data needed by the Board and managers. Gareth sponsored the sourcing of a low-cost solution and the Empactis workforce health platform was selected and installed.

Today ATW are benefiting from the positive contribution that their focus on employee health makes to the delivery of higher quality and lower cost services. From the experiences gained, ATW highlight three key enablers that deliver improved employee health.

Within the first six months of starting, ATW saw a marked improvement in their working days lost to unplanned absence. Where before, an employee rarely got to speak to their manager until they returned to work, today managers are consistently having meaningful conversations with staff at the beginning and end of an absence and where necessary directing them to the health or support services they need.

When asked to comment about the project, Gareth J Thomas, HR Director at Arriva Trains Wales said,

Photo of Gareth J Thomas, HR Director,  Arriva Train Wales

Gareth J Thomas

HR Director

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One of our core values is ‘we care for people’s safety and wellbeing’ and what I find fantastic about Empactis is that they don’t just drive the tools to help deliver these values they truly believe in them. Within the first six months of using the Empactis workforce health platform, we saw a reduction in our working days lost. They are a great company to work with, they understood our company’s individual needs and I highly recommend them.

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